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ARCSI Executive Leadership Conference in Dallas

Learning Never Stops

I recently attended the Executive Leadership Conference presented by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) was held in Dallas, Texas.  This was an intense two and a half day program put on by the trade association for the residential cleaning business.  The program was aimed at the top 10% of  entrepreneurs in the cleaning business.

Industry leaders from across the United States and Canada came together to hear speakers on various aspects of leadership and marketing.  Terri Langhans of Blah Blah Blah Marketing how personality and emotion factor into marketing.  Duane Cashin, author of Expect More, Sell More  spoke about the relationship between sales and value.

Other Featured Speakers

Sharon Tinberg of Success Maid Easy shared her insights gained over 18 years in the residential cleaning business in Austin, Texas.  Her topic was expecting and getting the most from your employees.  ARCSI also featured Doug Levy whose topic was sales and the relationship between a business and its clients.

Other speakers included Debbie Sardone of Cleaning for a Reason Renee O’Brien of Sharp Chip Consulting.

ARCSI Saved the Best for Last

The weekend finished with lively round table discussions among the attendees.  There is nothing better for an entrepreneur than to “rub elbows” with others who do the same thing day after day.  We chatted about best practices in the residential cleaning field, in particular employee issues, new OSHA regulations, green cleaning and in keeping with the theme of the weekend, marketing.

I have been in the business for 28 years but I never stop learning.  Thanks to ARCSI for putting on such a thought provoking weekend.