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April 18 to 24 is National Cleaning for a Reason Week

Cancer Touches Us All in One Way or Another

Cancer used to be a certain death sentence.  Now, while a cancer diagnosis is very serious, it can often be dealt with.  I remember growing up in the ’50s when no one ever said the word out loud.  A person would put their hand to their face and mouth the word cancer soto voce.  Now we speak of it openly.  We all know someone with cancer, whether it is a family member, a co-worker or a friend.  We all say “if there’s anything I can do…”.  When the chemo begins we probably bring a meal for the family or take the kids for a sleep over.  One thing we never think of doing for a cancer patient is to clean their house.

A remarkable woman in Dallas Texas, Debbie Sardone who owns Buckets and Bows Maid Service got the brilliant idea in 2006 to give free cleaning to women undergoing cancer treatment.  She formed a non-profit foundation called Cleaning for a Reason (  She recruited colleagues from across the country to do these free cleanings.  Now Cleaning for a Reason has over one thousand partners throughout the country.

Custom Maid is a Proud Partner of Cleaning for a Reason

At Custom Maid, we are proud to assist Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake women who are undergoing cancer treatment.  We clean their homes for free.  The women who are helped are always so thankful that their homes are now clean again.  They always took pride in their housekeeping, but are now unable to do the tasks themselves.  So we step in to do the jobs they can’t.  Custom Maid’s employees feel proud to be helping someone in the community.  They learn the stories of the patients and bond with them.

Now April 18 to 24 has been declared National Cleaning for a Reason Week.  This is wonderful recognition for a brilliant idea that is almost 10 years old!

If you have a relative, a friend or an acquaintance who is undergoing cancer treatment, contact Cleaning for a Reason on their website and they will match your patient with a cleaning company.  If you know someone in Tidewater, call Custom Maid at 757-499-8568 and we will guide you through the process.

Anyone who would like to make a tax deductible contribution to the Foundation can do so through their website.