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Air Travel Is Not What It Used To Be

Remember Air Travel in the ’50s and ’60s?

I pine for the old days when air travel seemed special.  I remember my first flight.  My parents scrimped and saved so we could take a one week vacation near Miami Beach.  (We couldn’t afford the upscale hotel in Miami Beach).  We discussed with my Mom what we would wear on the plane and we always wore our best outfit.  Dad wore a suit.  The airplane provided cushy comfortable seats and, believe it or not, flight attendants (then known as stewardesses) served food if the flight took place during a normal meal time.  Air travel was a very civilized way to get from one place to another.  The airlines hired pretty, cookie cutter, smiling young women as stewardesses.

Flying Used to Be Exciting!

You took ALL of your luggage to the ticket counter and handed over your paper ticket which was a part of a carbon set.  Then you went on your way to find your gate.  This all happened before TSA and clearing security.  There was no carry on luggage except for Mom’s purse and maybe Dad’s briefcase.

Air travel these days has become totally different.  I find myself turning to the skies whenever I need to get somewhere.  Driving for hours holds no interest for me.  Now, however I lug my suitcase along behind me and hope someone will help me get it into the overhead bin.  That’s if my hip replacement lets me through security.  I tend to set off the metal detectors which results in a physical pat down.

Air Travel Makes You Feel Dirty

Why is it that I always feel like I need a shower after being packed like a sardine with 150 other sweaty people for two or three hours?  The air conditioning removes moisture from the atmosphere in the cabin, so I also feel like a prune.

The worst part of air travel is the delays caused by who knows what.  For instance, my last flight which flew from Portland , Oregon back to ORF, showed rain, not lightning, in Chicago where I had to change planes.   The plane was delayed in Portland for over an hour.  In the world of air travel this is probably considered on time!

I guess we need to scrunch up and enjoy the ride.  Although, I have taken the train down to Orlando and enjoyed the trip.  Maybe  I need to look into train travel more often…

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in September 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.