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Aging in Place

Things I Learned While Building My Addition

I decided to build a first floor addition to my home so I would no longer have to go up and down stairs everyday. I had watched my parents live out their last days in a nursing home and I have no desire to do that.  My plan is that when I get to the point when I need help with day to day life, I will hire a care giver who can live upstairs.  In the process of planning my addition I heard a new expression: aging in place.  I first heard it from my college roommate who had moved to her “old lady home” several years earlier.  I remember that she had her home built from the ground up with aging in place in mind.  So I called her to get some tips.

I had in mind several features I wanted in the addition.  A “comfort height” toilet topped the list. This means the height is 17″ to 19″ rather than the 12″ to 14″ of a normal toilet.  Then I learned that the doors should have handles rather than knobs since handles are easier to manipulate.  Who knew?  Doorways ought to be at least 36 inches wide to accommodate a wheelchair or walker, if that ever becomes necessary.  My friend suggested hardwood floors which are easier for both walkers and wheelchairs.

Bathrooms for Aging Residents

In my new bathroom I knew I wanted a grab bar installed in the shower and near the toilet.  The shower head is on a long hose so that if I need to sit while showering, it will reach.  I chose a one piece fiberglass shower enclosure with a built in seat.  For now it is a handy place to store shampoo, conditioner etc.  The builder suggested making the bathroom counters a couple of inches higher to make them more comfortable.

Consumer Reports recently did an article about aging in place and I was pleased to see I had thought of most everything they suggest.  If you need help with aging in place, there is a professional called a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS).  You can find one in your area on the website for the National Association of Homebuilders at

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I’m hoping I won’t need most of these new features for some time to come, but when I need them, I will be ready!

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