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Adventures in Housecleaning

Housecleaning is Boring, Right?  No, It’s an Adventure!

I started my housecleaning business 32 years ago and expected it to be a ho hum job.  Not so!  It turns out that it is a very gratifying job to do.  When we first walk into a room, it is a little disheveled and dusty.  A short time later, we get to stand back and admire the lovely, sparkling clean room.  It’s an adventure!

Case in point,  thirty two years ago this week I got a phone call from a chuckling woman.  That day I had done her first cleaning and her chuckles made me a little nervous.  It seems her eight year old son had come home before she got there and he called his mom all excited.  He told her that the cleaning team had been there and that we had replaced all the faucets in the house!  When we started, the faucets needed a lot of work, but we left them so shiny and clean that he didn’t recognize them!

Another (Frightening) Adventure

My team arrived at the home of a regular customer to find a snake, a long one, curled around the newel post of the stairs.  The timid team quickly left the house and called the office.  We contacted the customer at work.  When we told him what the situation was, we asked if he would be able to come home and put his pet snake in its aquarium so we could clean.  He responded that he didn’t have a pet snake or any snake and that he was deathly afraid of snakes!   It seems the snake must have wandered into the house through an open garage door over the weekend.  I don’t know how the customer solved his problem, but the next time there was no snake.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally publishes this article in August 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.