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Adventure! …Or Clean the House? Take the Kids on an Adventure! (Part One)

Mommmmm, I’m Bored!

So school has been out for three weeks and the kids are already bored.  Or they’re not bored, but you are tired of trying to pry their noses out of their lap tops to do their chores.  Remember the good old days when kids’ noses were stuck in books?  What you and your kids need is an adventure! From the time my twin grandkids were about 2 years old, I would take them on an adventure almost every weekend.  We would sit on the bottom step of my staircase and go over the rules before leaving:  stay together, mind Grammy, no arguing.  Then I would secure them in their car seats and off we would go on a different adventure every weekend.  I have one big rule which is no music in my car.  I reserve that precious time for conversation.  I learned a lot about their lives and likes and dislikes by just listening to them chat with me and each other.

My Favorite Adventure

Depending on the age of your kids, my favorite adventure is the Children’s Museum of Portsmouth.  To make it a world class adventure for kids 4 and up, take them to Waterside and take the ferry across the Elizabeth River to Old Town Portsmouth then the museum is a quick one block walk.  Inside the museum you will turn into a kid yourself! The exhibits change but there are huge building blocks, music experiments, a bubble room where you can blow a bubble around your body.  There are several restaurants within another block if you want to make a day of it.  Then we would ferry back and have a smoothie at Waterside. The adventures changed as the kids got older.  Now they are 13 and not too interested in spending time with adults!

The bottom line it wouldn’t you rather have an adventure than clean your house?  Custom Maid is ready, willing and able to come and make your house sparkle while you enjoy the museum!