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Adventure!…or Clean the House? Take the Kids on an Adventure in Williamsburg! (Part Three)

Williamsburg, VA is a Complete Adventure

Rather than clean your house, take the kids outside for a complete day of adventure in Colonial Williamsburg.  It is a scant hour’s drive and totally worth the time.  Imagine all the songs you can sing or the stories you can spin in that hour. William thought it was cool that they named a town for him!  The first time I took the grandkids to Colonial Williamsburg they were still in pre-school and hadn’t been told anything about the American Revolution yet.   I decided  I should tell them a brief history of history!  So I began with the Boston Tea Party and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson et al.  I explained that the revolutionists were fighting against the army that belonged to the king.  I guess I went on a little longer than necessary since Emily finally piped up and said “Grammy, just tell us who won!”  To this day that small moment still puts a smile on my face.

Williamsburg is Full of Small Moments

Imagine Williamsburg as seen for the first time through the eyes of a four year old.  It is history come to life.  I must admit that I still get a goose bump when I step off the shuttle bus onto Duke of Gloucester Street and step back in time 200+ years.  The kids loved the stocks though their little feet could not quite reach.  I had to hold them up, first one then the other.  Those were the days when I could still lift them!  The Magazine where the colonials stored their arms seems fascinating to little ones.  Taking a carriage ride is always a highlight even to this day.  After seeing the introductory film, the kids recognized the Capitol building and the Governor’s Mansion.  They were fascinated by cobblestone streets.

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