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Adventure!…or Clean the House? Take the Kids on an Adventure in Virginia Beach (Part Four)

A Closet Can Be an Adventure

You don’t necessarily have to leave the house to find something exciting and adventurous to do.  The first time the grandkids (twins!) did a sleep over at my house, I was really excited and a little terrified.  I couldn’t wait to go pick them up.  I had no time to clean the house in Virginia Beach.  Good thing I have Custom Maid come clean for me.

I had the bed all ready as I knew they would want to sleep together.  At this point they were about two and a half.  Bedtime arrived too soon and after tooth brushing and getting pjs on, I tucked them into my queen size bed.  William had a better idea.  “Grammy can we sleep in the closet?”  I thought he was joking as he has a terrific sense of humor.  But no!  They wanted to clear everything off the closet floor and cover it with pillows and blankets.  In a flurry, they ran around the house and collected every sofa cushion, every pillow from the guest bedroom, every throw pillow and all the pillows I have lining my window seat.  The closet was full of probably 25 pillows!!

A Good Closet Sleep Over Needs Flashlights

So off we go again in search of every flashlight I own!  I snuggled them into the closet and tucked them in with a fluffy blanket.  There was lots of giggling and some arguing about whether they would sleep up and down or side to side!  Up and down won out.  The night progressed and they never fell asleep in the closet, but finally climbed up into the bed.

The nice thing, after all the pillows were returned to their proper places (by me) the next morning, was I had time to put the closet back together and organize it (something I’d been meaning to do for a really long time).

Just think, if someone came and cleaned your home for you every couple of weeks, you could take the time to do the more involved tasks and have a lovely adventure with the kids at the same time!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in July 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.