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A Short Getaway Improves the Psyche

Plan a Spring Getaway

Are you feeling cabin fever from being in Virginia Beach day after day after day?  Is your life pretty routine, even humdrum?  Maybe what you need is to plan a short getaway.  I recently took the opportunity to join some friends on a getaway to Charleston, SC.  The Association of Residential Cleaning Services was hosting a conference there and the draw of the lovely city was irresistible to me.

The conference was great and gave me the chance to keep my learning up to date.  The subject was everything a business owner should know about his or her finances.  It was presented by a very knowledgeable CPA and an experienced business owner.  Even after 30 years in business I feel like there is always new stuff to learn and some things to relearn.

My Getaway Started With a Great Meal

I didn’t get to Charleston until dinner time so my friends and I took a recommendation and ate at a fine restaurant in downtown Charleston called Poogan’s Porch.  We sat on a delightful patio and of course ordered shrimp and grits.  Jasmine scented the air and the gallery next door was hosting some kind of event.  We could hear their jazz quartet playing.  Talk about a getaway!  The Chamber of Commerce could not have ordered up a more perfect scenario.

The next day we took a bus tour of the town and hit the high spots like the Battery, Rainbow Row and the City Market which is where the tour ended.  Local vendors fill the market with all manor of local crafts, in particular sweet grass baskets which are a Charleston staple.  This is a craft that originated in Africa and came over with the slave trade.  The baskets were originally used primarily to winnow rice and grain and are now sold as decorative items.  I could not resist their beauty so I came home with one.

The getaway lasted five days and included tons of fine dining and drinks on a deck overlooking the beach.  If you get a chance to get away to Charleston, I recommend Slightly North of Broad (known by the locals as s.n.o.b.) and Poogan’s Porch.

Whether it’s a short jaunt to Williamsburg or a trip to Charleston I highly recommend a getaway to refresh your outlook.

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Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published in May 2015 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.