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A Humidifier Helps Keep You Comfortable In Winter

How to Choose Your Humidifier

The air in winter is not only cold but very dry.  This causes chapped lips, dry skin and dry nasal passages.  Many doctors recommend a humidifier to help mitigate that situation.  Humidifiers come in all sizes from small portable models to on line whole home installations.  There are cool mist and warm mist models.  When shopping for a humidifier, check with your physician first and get her recommendation.  Also, consider how you react when you are in a sauna.  If the dry heat of the sauna is uncomfortable, you will want a cool mist humidifier.  On the other hand, if the sauna makes you feel great, you might want to choose a warm mist model.  Whatever humidifier you decide on, always read the owners’ manual before putting it into use and keep the manual handy for referral when cleaning and maintaining the machine.

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Cleaning Your Humidifier

The first step will be to unplug the unit and empty the tank.  Then fill the tank with cool, clear water and one tablespoon of bleach.  Shake the tank to mix up the solution.  Let this sit for about 20 minutes, but shake the humidifier tank every few minutes to redistribute the bleach water.  The reason you need to go through this process every three days or so is that bacteria tends to grow in the machine and you don’t want the bacteria spewing into your home.  Rinse the tank thoroughly with water until all the bleach odor is gone.

Refer to you owners’ manual on how to remove the housing to reach the filter.  Some filters can be washed. First gently vacuum to remove loose dust and debris then wash the filter by soaking in water.  Filters should be replaced every one to three months.  Amazon offers specialty  cleaners online.

If you keep your  unit clean, it will make your winter much more comfortable.

And keep smiling, Spring is on the way!  I saw the first daffodil yesterday.

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