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5 Tools to Make Housecleaning Easier

Housecleaning Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

With five key pieces of equipment or supplies you can breeze through your housecleaning like a true professional.

1.  Hoover Port-a-Power vacuum.  This small  vac will make your housecleaning chores lighter.  The compact model has a handy shoulder strap for carrying.  It is very light and comes with a full roster of attachments like a crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery brush, flat floor tool and a soft bristled floor brush.  This super little vac is to be used for hard surface floors like vinyl, tile and hardwood and will not scratch.  It is almost exactly the width of a typical stair tread so it will easily sit on the stair while you vacuum up and down.  It will also do a great job vacuuming upholstery and getting the carpet underneath low furniture and in nooks and crannies.  At Custom Maid we have been using the Hoover Port-a-Power for 30+ years and we love it.

2.  Webster.  No housecleaning job is complete unless you remove ceiling and corner cobwebs.  Webster can be found in grocery or hardware stores and on Amazon.  It is a mushroom shaped brush on an extendable pole.  We use it to run along all exposed baseboards, the tops of door frames and window treatments, ceiling vents and recessed lighting as well.  Webster is also used to clean the blades of ceiling fans.

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3.  A squeegee.  This tool will make it so much easier to clean and dry shower walls and glass shower doors so they dry streak free.  Windows and sliding glass doors look great when cleaned with a squeegee.

4.  Flat mop.  Old fashioned string mops probably haven’t been used to mop floors in years.  They basically spread dirt around the floor without removing it.  They are cumbersome and messy.  Sponge mops are still around but have the same problems as string mops.  They are very difficult to rinse thoroughly so the dirt is not all removed.  We prefer a flat mop with a microfiber cover.  This mop will allow you to rinse easily and to remove the cover and replace it when it gets too dirty.  The surface area is larger than a sponge mop so it makes your work easier too.  You may want to have a regular microfiber cover and also one with slightly longer fibers to get into your grout.

5.  Microfiber cloths.  These space age cloths are made to remove dust and dirt by picking it up and holding on to it.  Then you can take it outside and shake the dust out or just put it in the laundry and use a fresh one when it gets “full”.  When laundering microfiber cloths, use cold water, never hot.  They can be dried on cool gentle.

If you arm yourself with these five tools, your weekly housecleaning will go much smoother.  Or, better yet, call Custom Maid at 499-8568 and let us do the weekly tasks while you enjoy this lovely Spring weather at the beach!!

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Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published in April 2015 and has been edited for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.