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100 Blogs and Going Strong!!!

Blog Posts Can Be Fun (and a Pain)

So, I have been writing a blog for my website for about a year now.  I know it’s about a year because I blog faithfully twice a week and this is my 100th blog.  Some weeks it’s easy to come up with a new idea or two.  Other weeks I really struggle.  But I have a coach and if I miss a blog, I will hear from him.  I write about all manner of things.  Sometimes it’s actually about house cleaning.  Sometimes I write about what is on my mind.  I often include my grandkids in my semi-weekly writing.  Though I don’t think I’ve ever included them in one of the house cleaning blogs.

I often write at night just before bedtime which, for me, is around midnight.  Now that I’m technically retired I stay up later and sleep in.  I say technically retired, because here I am, doing work at 9:00 PM on the eve of a holiday.  I bet none of you is working now.  Of course, I had a nice lunch out with a friend and did a little grocery shopping this afternoon while you were sitting at your desk looking at the clock, waiting for 5:00.

I’d love to hear from anyone who actually reads my blog to get some new ideas.  So if you want me to write about your favorite subject email me at and let me know what’s on your mind.

I hope you will continue following me and look forward to the next 100!