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The Kitchen Is Full of Nooks and Crannies

Kitchen Cleaning

Where to Start

The kitchen is the one room of the house that you don’t begin cleaning at the door.  Instead, go straight to the dirtiest part of the kitchen:  the stove.  Remove the burners from the stovetop and soak them in the sink in a combination of water and mild dishwashing liquid.  Spray the stovetop with a neutral ph (7) cleaner.

Now return to the door of the kitchen and begin cleaning.  Remove cobwebs from ceilings, corners, under counters and baseboards.  Dust the table and chairs all the way to the floor.

Moving on to the kitchen counter begin with the upper cabinets and wipe them free of smudges and fingerprints. For this task use a neutral cleaner.  Clean the counter as well as everything on it.  Pull out the canisters, coffee pot etc.  Clean each item and clean the counter underneath them up to and including the backsplash.  Now clean the lower cabinets.

The Microwave

When you get to the microwave, remove the turn table and clean it in the warm soapy water you are using for the burners.  Thoroughly wipe out the inside of the microwave being sure to get the ceiling.  If the gunk is really stuck on, use a Pyrex measuring cup with two cups of water.  microwave on high until the water boils (a little over 2 minutes, usually).  The steam from the boiling water will loosen the gunk.

The Stove

Now scrub, dry and replace the burners on the stove.  Be sure to clean the stovetop under the trim rings.  Wipe the rest of the stove including the front of the oven.  Remove the knobs to clean the grease from underneath.

The Fridge

Be sure to stand on a firm platform to clean the entire top of the refrigerator.  Clean the door and sides and especially open the door to clean the rubber gasket.  In the moist environment, the gasket is likely to grow mold unless kept clean every week.  Vac the grill at the bottom of the door.

The Floor

Now all that remains to be done is the floor.  Vacuum the floor first to remove any loose debris, especially in the grout lines.  Using a spray bottle and neutral cleaner, spray the floor one small area at a time.  Using a new microfiber mop with a flat head will make this job easier.  Mop thoroughly and rinse the mop head often.

Follow these easy suggestions and your kitchen will always be shiny and clean.