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“Those Potatoes” Are Great for Cookouts

“Those Potatoes” At work we periodically have pot luck lunches.  Years ago on the sign up sheet for one such pot luck appeared the listing “those potatoes”.  As you can imagine, it caused many inquiries as to what exactly that was.  It turns out “those potatoes” are a yummy, ooey gooey potato side dish that is great with almost any…

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Today is National Hamburger Day, Yum!

There is Nothing Better Than the First Hamburger of the Season When the daffodils finally bloom and the azaleas and dogwood are in their full glory, the weather turns warm and it’s time for the first cookout of the year.  What better day to consider this than National Hamburger Day?  Of course you can always make a hamburger on your…

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Billie’s Cornflake Cookies Are Part of Every Thanksgiving

When my brothers and I were tots, my mom invented cornflake cookies.  It seems odd to me that she did this as I have never thought of her as particularly adventurous in the kitchen.  Marcel Proust in his Swan series, was transported back to thoughts of his childhood when he ate madeleines (a buttery rich cake- like cookie).  If you’ve…

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